Yoga, derived from the Sanskrit term yuj “to join together”, is an ancient Indian tradition, originating about 4000 years ago, to attain “self-awareness”. Yoga comes with a wealth of health benefits that are applicable to people of all ages and health states including improved flexibility, coordination, strength, mood and so much more. For example, regular yoga practise was demonstrated to reduce the participants of a recent study’s fasting blood sugar by 30%, total cholesterol by 25% and blood pressure by 20%. Yoga promotes deeper breathing, higher oxygen consumption and improved blood flow, with growing evidence that yoga may lower oxidative stress, improve insulin sensitivity and increase antioxidants. It promotes mental clarity, emotional balance, improved focus and enhanced mindfulness, all components of a healthier and happier lifestyle. Yoga consists of the basic components, asanas (physical poses), pranayama (breath control), and dhyana (meditation), and is easy to learn and incorporate into your routine.

At True Wellness, we offer yoga instruction through Serenity Yoga, an outstanding yoga studio that has teamed up with Fiddleheads Health and Nutrition. True Wellness offers both individual and group yoga classes, giving you the space and instruction to regularly practice, safely improve and get the full health value of yoga.

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