Community Acupuncture

We now run Community Acupuncture days where anyone can come in and receive an affordable acupuncture treatment.┬áCommunity Acupuncture’s purpose is to provide people with more affordable acupuncture and alternative health care treatments, to bring about a healthier, happier Community.

In community Acupuncture, people are treated in a comfortable reclining chair in a large room, with other people quietly receiving treatments. We treat more than one client at a time to allow us to accept more patients more afford-ably. We use points mostly in the extremities so clients do not need to change or undress.

Our community focused clinic, provides affordable health care alternatives and products, making traditional and natural medicine more accessible to everyone in the community.

We also provide a wide range of additional healing therapies, such as moxabustion, cupping, Tuina, Hot Stone Massage, and Aromatherapy.Our tranquil atmosphere is peaceful and inviting.

Every Monday evening 4:00-7:00PM by appointment. Please call 519-745-1600 or email to book in.

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