Patricia Beretta

Registered Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Therapist

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  • I have used these services before and find them to be
very beneficial for me. The acupuncture has worked 
best for my condition so far

    A valued customer, Accupuncture

  • You have magic needles! The shooting pain is gone…only good pain! Thanks very much and see you next week!

    a 45 year old athletic mother with chronic low back pain, after an acute bout of pain, Accupuncture

  • Patricia is excellent

    a 38 year old stressed professional and mother

  • Patricia Beretta is an amazing Shiatsu therapist. If you are living with pain, I highly recommend her. It really helps a lot.

    - a 45 year old busy professional with lingering low back pain, Shiatsu

  • I just wanted to let you know that you have been very helpful on my health recovery.

    a 32 years old women with unexplained chronic excruciating muscle pain in the upper back that resisted all other treatments for two years

  • Good Morning Patricia: Just a little note re. my mobility: the last 4 days have been the best I have felt since my last stroke, you must have hit the SPOT. Thank you very much!

    a 72 year old man after 2 severe stroke episodes, Massage