truewellnesoutsideAs the movement towards natural health and wellness gains ever-increasing momentum, Fiddleheads remains committed to offering innovative products and services that promote optimal health. Today, we have taken our previous 15 years of initiative a step further with the introduction of the True Wellness Integrative Health Centre.  The clinic was created from the desire to, instead of treating symptoms alone; address the underlying cause of disease.  We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of holistic medicine, with an emphasis on long-term patient needs.

It is our belief that the most powerful tool in the fight against chronic disease is prevention. We opt for lifestyle changes and the incorporation of powerful natural foods and health products instead of pharmaceuticals. These commonly prescribed drugs often only address symptoms and come with long lists of health risks. Our commitment to health and wellness stems from the personal conviction of our dedicated clinic health professionals, who are passionate about helping you understand your health and nutrition.

IMG_00000653We have many services to address the root of your health concerns. Our state of the art clinic has 3 outstanding naturopaths on board as well as a team of experts in homeopathy, shiatsu, acupuncture, massage therapy, and nutrition. Fiddleheads holistic approach to our patients helps them establish optimal health and wellness throughout their lifespan. The clinic is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each individual patient through the careful integration of our wide range of services. Come visit us and start feeling better today!