Frustrated By Fertility? Stress Reduction And Homeopathy Offer Keys To Conception Success

Homeopathic remedies offer a beautifully effective opportunity for women to work through (and to clear) emotional fears, traumas or phobias that may be holding them back from conceiving … the body is an amazingly connected entity … if we can heal and clear emotional pain, our physical body is encouraged to open up & respond.

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As members of the birth community and fellow women, we understand how difficult things can be for a woman who is having difficulty conceiving. Yet many who are facing infertility may overlook some of the most important factors in conception, especially our relationship to stress, anxiety, and the people around us. Dr. Aumatma provides case studies from her own work, indicating the importance of approaching infertility holistically – integrating mind, body and spirit – as well as using homeopathy as a tool to support this integrated approach.

Many of us know that stress is one of the main factors in determining Fertility. Yet, women who are having trouble conceiving are often filled with anxiety and often laden with grief if they have had miscarriages. They are asked to stay calm and keep moving forward. They may be expected to stay strong and not show their emotions outwardly, perhaps for the sake of their partner.

I find that the fertility journey triggers deep-seated patterns from childhood that could take many years of therapy to process. Yet in the midst of wanting to conceive, the timeline that a couple has set for themselves, or the timeline that their Fertility Specialist thinks they should be on, slowing down enough to integrate their emotions in a healthy way is rare.

Homeopathy is one of the best modalities I know of that can help to integrate the mind-body-spirit and help shift out of old patterns. What better time to take a constitutional homeopathy case than when a person is experiencing deep rooted patterns as they surface?

I once worked for about four months with a 40 year-old woman who had been trying to conceive. She had two failed cycles of IVF and six months before her next try. She had also been receiving acupuncture for two years consistently, so by the time I saw her, she had already been on her Fertility Journey a long time. She was desperate and was willing to do whatever it took.

I noted that she was quite unwilling to talk about her emotions; she was very much a Type A personality, and couldn’t stand having deep conversations. Her husband, on the other hand, was deeply sensitive. She described that she could barely stand being around him. Now, of course, I recommend they have therapy but that was not an option for them. When I asked her about emotions, she claimed that she was doing just fine.

Finally, after four months of working with her on some of the other components of fertility, she opened up for a brief moment. She described that if her husband simply moved a cup from one place to another, she would get very upset. As I asked her more, she described herself as needing to control everything. As she opened up herself to healing, she realized that some part of her did not actually want the baby because she was unsure how she would be able to maintain control. Her deepest fear was being in a situation where she would no longer have control.

Upon receiving her remedy, Carc 200c, she had several breakthroughs- 1) it healed something with her husband; she was more tolerating, less criticizing, etc. 2) she actually healed that part of her that didn’t want a child and integrated it to the part that wanted one. The results? Two weeks later, she was pregnant!

Another story that comes to mind is that of a 33 year-old woman with a history of three miscarriages, all within the last two years. All of her miscarriages happened to be in the first trimester. She was committed to conceiving naturally, and her Fertility Specialist could not figure out why she was not carrying to term. She joined my three-month fertility program and moved through all the steps with dedication and grace. She is a powerful woman.

This woman had managed to stay strong through all of her miscarriages, but I could tell she was deeply disappointed, mostly with herself. Her inability to carry a baby to term had brought up deep-seated emotions about not being good enough. When we got to the homeopathy stage of my program, which is generally in the third month, we uncovered the recurring theme of disappointment in her life. I gave her the remedy Nat Mur 200c and within one week she reported feeling less stressed and more ‘balanced’. Literally a week after that, she got pregnant! It was so much of a surprise to her because she said that the time of the month in which she conceived didn’t even match her ovulation and temperature chart. She is well into her third trimester now, thanks to all the other things we worked on to help her along the way.

I hope that these stories convey my belief that constitutional homeopathy has a lot to offer in the realm of helping couples to conceive. Unfortunately, there isn’t a list of magic remedies to learn. This is really about taking a complete case and giving a remedy based on the person’s constitution.

There are many methods and styles in homeopathy so it is helpful to refer to a Homeopath you trust to get the best results for your clients!

Dr. Aumatma is a Naturopathic Doctor and Master of Nutrition. Along with her formal education, she has studied homeopathy and herbal medicine for many years, and is certified in Restorative Medicine. Dr. Aumatma focuses on helping couples to conceive naturally and supports them through their pregnancy and post-partum stages. As the founder of the 3-month Fertility Success program, she finds that most often those men and women who have been diagnosed with “infertility” have underlying imbalances that keep them from conceiving and believes that their body’s inability to conceive is actually a natural, wise choice and when the imbalances are addressed, the fertility happens naturally as a by-product. Dr. Aumatma has been practicing for close to 10 years has clients that come to see her from all over, and has her physical office in the Bay Area. In addition to practicing, Dr. Aumatma teaches at an Acupuncture school in San Francisco and is a sought out speaker at various conferences and educational events. Her website is