Intergrated Energy Therapy


As summer has hit a midway point and you start to reflect on the great times you have had reconnecting with your friends and family you start to question what you have accomplished and was is still to come. Was the family reunion a success? Was Aunt Rose displeased with my potato salad? What did everyone think? How was my hair!? Do I have everything packed for next week? What if I leave the stove on?

As you reflect and review anxiety builds, a cycle of doubt, fear and negativity is formed. Keeping a happy and healthy body isn’t always about the food you eat and the exercise classes attended. Your emotional and mental self is a key factor to your daily lives. Reconnecting with your loved ones gives you several opportunities to encounter emotional relapses and over time these suppressed emotions catch up. Suddenly, you are waking with a headache, sore back or various amounts of other symptoms.

Keeping the Mind, Body and Spirit in balance will allow you to keep calm and move on without great affect of what the summer is brining or has brought to you. Intergrated Energy Therapy® can help you get the “issues out of your tissues”. IET is a gentle and simple way of releasing suppressed emotions, which can accumulate from different life experiences, from the cells of your body. These energy restrictions can remain with you for years or lifetimes and can cause physical blocks, spiritual disconnection, inability to move forward with your wellness, an increase to susceptibility to disease and so on.

As an IET® practitioner I work with a special channel that serves to rebalance the flow of energy and support the bodies natural ability to maintain proper mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Releasing the flow of energy allows you to create space for healing on all levels.

Suppressed stored emotions can result from illness, pain, depression, anxiety, childhood experiences, car accidents and other life experiences. These stored emotions can overflow your energy field, resulting in a stagnation of energy flow until they become released or resolves. If unable to release these emotions they may manifest on the form of shame, guilt, fear, distrust, heartache, betrayal, resentment, fear etc. IET® can facilitate the process of letting go of these stored emotions, allowing you to work toward a healthy future by instilling positive change and experience true happiness. Are you ready to take the first step in your healing process? Taking time to listen to your body can help guide you to heal more rapidly. Your body is your gift so embrace it, honour it and care for it.

Cassandra is respected in the field of wellness and holistic health by her peers and clients maintaining a successful professional practice. Currently a graduate from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy waiting to write her provincial exams; Cassandra is available for Reiki and Hot Stone Treatments. Cassandra’s understanding of the connection between the physical, energetic, emotional stressors and one’s health/wellbeing has allowed her to assist individuals thru a more holistic approach to client care. Her clients have enjoyed the option and have received many short and long term benefits, of having treatments in combination with Reiki energy healing.

She found that the energy work combined with other modalities offers clients the perfect balance of de stressing and assisting the body’s innate abilities for healing at all levels.